Want to claim back your insurance excess?

Determined not to suffer at the hands of someone else's bad driving?

Don't want to pay big legal fees either?

Claims Buddies are here to help. And even better, our advice and support could cost you nothing at all.

You deserve to get your money back.

You may be asking yourself:

Can I claim my insurance excess back?

What will happen to my premium?

How do I deal with insurers and avoid hassle?

We can guide you through everything, maximising the money you get back, and keeping your costs to an absolute minimum.

What can I get back?

You'll be surprised at just how much you can claim back, including:

Your policy excess

Vehicle hire charges while yours was off the road

Any alternative travel costs

Replacing lost or damaged property

Any earnings lost if you had to take time off

Worth fighting for, isn't it? Especially when the cost to you can be kept really low.

We're the experts you need

We're different to everyone else. You'll have heard stories of solicitors and claims management companies charging a fortune. Sometimes they charge such a big percentage that practically all your claim goes to them.

That's because if your losses are under £10,000 and you're not claiming for injury, it's all or nothing as far as they’re concerned. You can’t pick and choose the advice you want – you have to pay for their premium all-inclusive package, even if you only need help with one small detail.

Well we don't operate like that. And for a simple reason: It's not fair.

Choose people who never take a cut

We don’t claw back a percentage for ourselves, everything we help you win back is yours to keep. Instead of huge fees, you just tell us exactly when you need help and we'll support you then, in the most cost-efficient way. For many people, all they need is our free Guide to Making a Claim. You can get that right now at absolutely no cost.

But if after that there's something specific you need – like help putting together claim documents or even attending a court hearing with you – we can be right there with you for a sensible fee.

Why? Because after years of experience in this industry getting insurance companies to pay up, we know how hard it is for people to get back what they deserve. With our help, just where you need it, you can win back what’s rightfully yours.

Ready to get started?

The first round of help is completely free and it may be all you need.