That accident wasn’t really your fault… but your insurers just brushed you off and stung you for a big chunk of your excess!

The good news is – we can help put things right.

Do you want to claim back your unfairly charged car insurance excess?

Need expert advice to get back what your insurance company wouldn't cover?

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Why Claims Buddies?

We specialise in insurance excess recovery solutions. Our mission is to help you claim back your car insurance excess when you weren't at fault.  We can even help you claim back some of your excess if the accident was partly your fault.

Why are we offering such useful help for free?

We have years of experience in insurance excess recovery.

We know exactly what it takes to claim back what you deserve.

And we think this advice should be freely available to everyone.

You may need our fixed fee support later if the insurers don’t act reasonably.

Click now and you'll get an easy-to-understand check sheet. It explains in really simple terms how you can claim back part, or all of your excess, any car hire and the value of any items lost or damaged not covered by your car insurance.

Our free guide could be all you need to make a successful claim

If you use a lawyer or claims management company, you will have to pay them out of whatever you get back. But you don't need to. Use our free advice instead.

It should answer all your questions, but if you need extra support, we can help you out for a modest fixed fee. This could be anything from how best to respond to a letter from the insurers, right up to accompanying you to the Small Claims Court if it goes that far.

We believe that you should only pay for the help you need, rather than have someone claw back a large percentage of your compensation.

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